Real Life Podcast: An ode to Bogdan Yakimov, fights at K-Days, and Chalmers’ wedding prank

Photo credit:Mark Williams
Real Life Podcast
8 months ago
The off-season is in full swing and there’s no Oilers news to talk about, which meant there was plenty of room for shenanigans on the Monday episode of the Real Life Podcast.
Kicking off the Monday podcast, the boys got started with a conversation about Bogdan Yakimov after Kennedy found one of his jerseys at the Oilers store despite the fact that he only played one game with the team back in 2014-15. As a result, Wanye, Baggedmilk, and Kennedy took a little stroll down memory lane at some of our former friends that we put so much faith in despite never having seen them play. Changing gears entirely, Chalmers broke down a few fights from K-Days that popped up on YEG Wave, which led everyone to talk about whether or not the festival is even worth attending anymore. Somehow, this discussion about K-Days led Chalmers to wonder about ‘Boy Dinner’ vs. ‘Girl Dinner’ and how all of us enjoy a small snack dinner from time to time. Pivoting yet again, the guys wrapped up the Monday episode of the podcast with a random list of nonsense that ranged from sports documentaries to Jackson Mahomes and everything in between.
Listen to the Monday episode of Real Life below:
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