Real Life Podcast: Back home for Game 3 and a whole lot of nonsense

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Real Life Podcast
11 months ago
The boys are back from Vegas and it’s another Oilers game day, which meant there was plenty to talk about on the Monday episode of the Real Life podcast.
To kick off the Monday episode of Real Life, the guys got started with a recap of their trip to Vegas for the two boys that weren’t able to be on the trip. Thankfully for those that heard the two on-location podcasts, the guys kept the recap quick as to not repeat the same stories over and over again. From there, Chalmers dove into a wild story about his kids after they accidentally bear maced themselves in one of the most chaotic scenes you’ll ever hear. He also told the story of his missing iPad that is still up in High Level and how getting it back is proving to be incredibly difficult despite knowing exactly where it is. Changing gears entirely, the guys pivoted to talking about schoolyard games from back in the day and how the kids don’t know what they’re missing. Finally getting to the Oilers, the guys looked ahead at Game 3 and what Edmonton needs to do to keep the ball rolling and take control of the series. They also worked through a couple of bets they’re putting down on the game, why they’ll be cashing in, and offered a few more takes on what needs to happen to keep the ball rolling.
Listen to the Monday episode of Real Life below:
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