Real Life Podcast: Battle of Alberta recap, early season overreactions, emojis, and more

Real Life Podcast
11 months ago
A brand new week is underway, which means the boys from the Real Life Podcast are back with a brand new episode to help you ease back into work life after another round of practice retirement. On today’s show, the guys looked at Saturday’s BOA, overreactions at this point in the season, and a whole lot more.
To kick off the Monday episode of Real Life, the guys got started with a look at Saturday’s night Battle of Alberta and how the overreaction to what’s happened so far. For Baggedmilk and Wanye, overreacting this early in the season makes absolutely no sense at all, but surprisingly, Tyler didn’t quite feel the same. From there, the guys talked about Wanye’s first game of the year and how he was blown away by some of the concession prices these days. Outside of spending countless dollars on beers and food, both Tyler and Wanye had a great time at the Oilers game and both guys talked about the atmosphere being fantastic at Rogers Place. Changing gears, the guys talked a little business as Wanye’s been working to try and pump up the Daily Faceoff Instagram account. Lastly, the guys wrapped up the podcast with a random conversation about emojis after an article came out last week that boomers are using specific emojis.
Listen to the Tuesday episode of Real Life below:
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