Real Life Podcast: Checking in from Los Angeles ahead of Game 4

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Real Life Podcast
6 days ago
We’re in Los Angeles for games 3 and 4 of the playoffs, and that meant the opportunity for a hotel room edition of the Real Life podcast.
Starting off the podcast, the guys shared a lively recap of their shared experiences in Los Angeles over the last couple of days. From the way the quartet set up their room to the constant eating that Liam has been doing, the first few days of the trip have been filled with good vibes and great times.
From there, we walked through our obvious lack of knowledge about the Los Angeles area, as Tyler learned for the first time that the greater LA area is comprised of a bunch of cities. Looking around the NHL, the guys spent a couple of minutes discussing the gong show in Toronto last night and how the fanbase is melting down about last night’s performance against the Bruins.
Finally, the guys talked about what to expect from tonight’s matchup against the Kings and how excited everyone is about the opportunity to put a stranglehold on the series. Of course, the boys will have to play their best hockey if they want to take a 3-1 lead because you absolutely know the Kings are going to be hungry to even things up.
Listen to the game day episode of Real Life below:
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