Real Life Podcast: Connor Brown’s big night, the squirrels are back at Tyler’s, and a mouse update from Wanye Manor

Real Life Podcast
4 months ago
It’s Thursday afternoon, and that means a fresh episode of the Real Life Podcast is all set and ready to massage your earholes. This week, the guys discussed Connor Brown’s first goal of the season and Zach Hyman’s delayed hat trick and walked through another mouse update from Wanye Manor.
Kicking off the podcast, the guys started with a look back at last night’s Oilers game and how it was one of the most fun games the boys have been to that was essentially meaningless. From Connor Brown scoring a big goal to Zach Hyman’s delayed hat trick announcement, last night’s 7-2 win over the Washington Capitals was arguably one of the most fun games we’ve ever attended.
Changing gears, Wanye gave the first mouse update from Wanye Manor in quite some time after he found another wee lad in his basement. Even though he thought this issue was all cleared up long ago, he quickly realized that was not the case at all after moving his couch downstairs and seeing another mouse staring back at him.
Lastly, the guys wrapped up the Thursday episode of Real Life with a random collection of topics, including the Flex mystery, some golf talk, and a whole lot of general shenanigans. Even though the podcast started talking about the Oilers, the show really took a left-hand turn along the way.
Listen to the Thursday episode of Real Life below:
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