Real Life Podcast Episode 333 – Oilers won and the Nation partied

Real Life Podcast
2 years ago
A brand new week has arrived on our calendars and that means the gang from the Real Life Podcast is back with a brand new episode to help you get you through what’s left of your week. Today, the guys looked at the Nation viewing party that happened on Saturday, Oilers talk, and a whole lot more.
To kick off the episode of Real Life, the boys got started with a look back at Saturday night’s game against the Golden Knights and how that was a major test passed for an Oilers team that is still battling the injury bug right now. They also discussed the Nation Viewing Party that happened at Campio on Saturday night and how it was incredible to be able to get everyone back in the same room again after nearly two years apart. From Tyler’s romper to the seemingly endless supply of prizes, it was an incredible night for everyone involved and we cannot wait to throw another one. From there, the guys covered what’s coming up next for events now that we’re able to do so. Speaking of events, Jay gave some more details about the Battle of Alberta trip we’re about to launch where a bus loads of citizens will come up from Calgary instead of us going down.
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Listen to the Thursday episode of Real Life below:

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