Real Life Podcast Episode 341 – Lessons from 2021, New Years’ Resolutions, and the Edmonton Oilers

Real Life Podcast
2 years ago
Another Thursday has landed on our calendars and the boys are back with a fresh Real Life Podcast to help you get into the Christmas break. Today, the boys talked about what happened on the Christmas break, the Oilers’ return, and a whole lot more.
To kick off the Thursday episode of Real Life, the podcast got started with a look at the Christmas break and what everyone got up to with a couple of well-deserved days off. From there, the guys looked back at the year 2021 and offered up some of the lessons they learned over the past 12 months and whether there were any positives to be pulled from what was another trying year. The guys also looked ahead at 2022 and offered up some New Years’ resolutions for the Edmonton Oilers as work their way into a new calendar year. Sticking with the Oilers, the guys looked at what the team needs and whether or not there’s any possibility of a trade happening in the coming weeks that sends a message to the squad that they need to be better. As the conversation progressed, however, it seemed like there isn’t much hope among the boys that the current management group has the stones or the resources to pull off the moves that need to get done. Are the boys wrong? Only time will tell, but the Oilers are very quickly erasing all of the goodwill they built from themselves in the early portion of the season and that’s a trend that desperately needs to change.
Listen to the Thursday episode of Real Life below:
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