Real Life Podcast: Evan Bouchard’s contract, Auston Matthews’ extension, and the Real Life football draft

Real Life Podcast
10 months ago
It’s Thursday afternoon and the boys have nothing going on, which means there was plenty to talk about on the newest episode of the Real Life Podcast.
Kicking off the podcast, the guys jumped in with an extending chat about the #NationVacation to Seattle and how the guys don’t believe Chalmers when he says he’s coming. While he says he wants to head to Seattle with the boys, the likelihood of him actually getting on that airplane is a completely different story. Getting back to the Oilers, the guys dove into the Evan Bouchard contract news that came down yesterday, and whether or not it was a good enough deal from the team’s side given that the player didn’t have much leverage in terms of the negotiation. The guys also discussed the Auston Matthews contract extension that came down yesterday, and how that may affect McDavid and Draisaitl’s upcoming deals. Does having Matthews come in at $13.25 mean Draisaitl and McDavid have to clear that by a substantial margin? Lastly, the guys wrapped up the Thursday episode of Real Life with a live draft for the Real Life Football pool that happens every year when the NFL gets underway.
The Real Life football draft order:
12. Tyler
11. Electronic Jordan
10. Bearded Brad
9. Captain Feltan
8. Jarrod
7. Jay Downton
6. John
5. Nation Rick
4. Chalmers
3. Travis
2. Erik Sabrowski
1. Mercs
Listen to the Thursday episode of Real Life below:
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