Real Life Podcast: Getting set for Oilers Game 1 Goat and Little Bro from Utah

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12 days ago
There’s no better way to wrap up your Monday than with a fresh episode of the Real Like Podcast, and this week, the boys churned out a classic episode. The guys welcomed Goat and Little Bro from Utah to help us get set for Game 1 against the Kings while also walking us through what a potential Nation Vacation to Salt Lake City might look like now that the NHL is going.
The Real Life Podcast kicked off this week’s episode by welcoming the Utah boys to the podcast to talk about their first few days back in Edmonton and how Tyler told them we were recording on Sunday instead of the usual Monday. Seeing as Tyler wrapped up the regular season on a vacation, his dates were all out of whack, and the result has been details slipping through that he normally covers.
Getting back to the Utah boys, the guys made their way back to Edmonton for games 1 and 2 against the Kings, so the boys spent some time talking about how excited they were to be back in the city and for the playoffs to get going. If you’ve never heard from these two guys before, they are the greatest human beings on earth, and the Real Life crew were thrilled to welcome them to the studio.
Seeing as the Arizona Coyotes are moving to Utah for next season, the guys spent a few minutes imagining what a #NationVacation to Utah might look like. Gord knows we had a blast in Arizona this past February, but there’s something incredibly interesting about having a new market to potentially explore if the schedule allows.
Lastly, the guys wrapped up the Monday episode of Real Life with a Game 1 and how the Oilers are a deeper team than we’ve seen in a while and that could bode well for the team’s success if they can play their own game. Knowing that LA will be doing what they can to get the Oilers off their game, it will be crucial for the boys to stay focused and willing to keep things simple.
Listen to the Monday episode of Real Life below:
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