Real Life Podcast: Hip Hop stories, NHL salaries, and Tyler interviews Chris Pronger for O.N.E.

Real Life Podcast
1 month ago
It’s Monday afternoon, and that means it’s time for a fresh episode of the Real Life podcast to make sense of the world around us.
Kicking off the podcast, the guys started the show with a collection of random topics, including Sidney Crosby’s career earnings, what the Oilers may do at the trade deadline, and some hip hop talk. Why is that how the podcast started? It’s a fair question, but also completely expected, given the way this show goes.
Changing gears, Tyler told the story about interviewing Chris Pronger this morning at West Edmonton Mall. Despite Wanye’s complaints about the way Pronger’s tenure in Edmonton ended, Tyler explained how cool it was to interview an NHL Hall of Famer and ask a few questions about the 2006 Cup run.
Lastly, the guys wrapped up the first show of the week with more random topics, including which WEM entrance we park at and why Tyler should never cross Wanye for any reason. Despite having topics prepped for this week’s show, this one was one of those podcasts where the guys got to none of them at all.
Listen to the Monday episode of Real Life below:
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