Real Life Podcast: Minor Hockey Week Memories and Mike Stelter on The Ben Stelter Fund

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Real Life Podcast
1 year ago
Remember all of those times when you wished Chris Chalmers would be on the pod more? Well, how about this: he was the only one who joined Tyler today on the pod. They also called Liam in from the bullpen and had a nice three-man conversation on a whole bunch of topics. They started things off by talking about Chalmer’s run through Edmonton Minor Hockey Week and Tyler had some memories of the iconic tournament as well. From there, they talked about everything that went down this weekend in the NHL like the Oilers beating the Canucks and Bruce Boudreau being let go as the Head Coach in Vancouver. How did the Canucks let this get as ugly as it did? They discussed.
After that, Tyler welcomed Mike Stelter to the show to talk about the launch of The Ben Stelter Fund and also, the upcoming Ben Stelter Memorial Tournament. Alec Card, one of the event’s organizers was also there to tell people what they can expect from the tournament, which is coming up on February 16th. The Stelter family is doing some great work in the community all in Ben’s name and talked about the impact of what they’ve done and how they’re growing the fund. If you want more info you can head here.
To wrap things up, Chalmers and Yaremchuk got excited for this weekend’s big tournament in Jasper! Tune in wherever you get your podcasts from!
Listen to the Monday episode of Real Life below:
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