Real Life Podcast: Oilers dominant in Game 4, Steve Urkel, and Alex Pietrangelo

Real Life Podcast
11 months ago
The Edmonton Oilers picked up a huge win last night in Game 4, and that meant the boys on the Real Life Podcast had plenty to talk about on the Thursday episode of Real Life.
To kick off the podcast, the guys got started with a look at last night’s game against the Vegas Golden Knights and how it was one of the most fun games we’ve seen in quite some time. Not only did the Oilers come to play, but the game ended up getting spicy by the time all was said and done. For some reason, that led Chalmers to complain about the way Oilers fans sing the Canadian National Anthem. Why does he get annoyed about this? It’s a fair question. Wanye also wanted to talk about Steve Urkel appearing at the game for some strange reason, and how his being at Rogers Place has many Oilers fans wondering what he was doing there in the first place. Getting back to the game, the boys discussed Darnell Nurse getting suspended for a game after being tagged with an instigator for his fight with Nick Hague in the final moments of last night’s game. From there, the podcast fell off the rails as the guys started talking about old TV shows and how much it hurt them to have cast members swapped out midstream. Finally, the guys wrapped up the podcast with an array of topics that ranged from Tyler’s soccer debut. Chalmers blowing his knee out, and Baggedmilk having his first double cheeseburger done up like a Big Mac.
Listen to the new episode of Real Life below:
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