Real Life Podcast: Paying for fast food bags, paper straws, and Oilers plans for Wanye Jr.

Real Life Podcast
11 months ago
It’s Thursday afternoon and the boys have nothing going on, which meant there was plenty to talk about on the newest episode of the Real Life Podcast.
Kicking off the podcast, the guys jumped in with yet another discussion about paying 15 cents for paper bags at fast food restaurants and how Liam somehow just learned about the whole thing. That led to another round of complaints about paper straws and how we absolutely need to advance the technology. As you’ll hear, apparently everyone has beef with saving the environment. Changing gears, Wanye talked about his plans for Wanye Jr. and when he plans to bring him to the Oilers store to deck out the little man with merch. That led the gang to talk about how nuts merch can get if you’re an avid collector, including what happens if you get involved in some locker room bids. Changing gears, Wanye and Kennedy wanted to talk about T-Swift a little bit after another incident at a concert went viral and had Wanye dialed in. That led the squad to talk about how it’s nice to go back to concerts again just in general. We also heard about Kennedy’s love of Harry Styles and how she was rattled about Leon Draisaitl seeing him perform her favourite song before she had a chance to see it.
Listen to the Thursday episode of Real Life below:
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