Real Life Podcast: Recapping a massive Game 4 win featuring a pop-in from Dooks

Edmonton Oilers Mattias Janmark
Photo credit:Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
Real Life Podcast
17 days ago
It’s Thursday afternoon after a HUUUUUGE Game 4 win over the Dallas Stars, the boys on the Real Life podcast
The boys started the Thursday episode of Real Life with a recap of last night’s Oilers game after the boys came up with one of the most exciting outings of the playoffs. After being down 2-0 after 5:29, Edmonton woke up in a huge way and absolutely laid the boots to the Dallas Stars for a dominant comeback win.
Changing gears, the guys started talking about the amazing collection of super fans that surround this team and how they’re almost becoming celebrities in their own right. From there, the fellas welcomed Dooks to the podcast as a special guest to discuss his playoff experience from down in Australia. As you’ll hear, Dooks is always a beacon of positivity, and it was a lot of fun to hear how he’s experiencing this playoff run from the other side of the world.
Finally, the guys wrapped up the Thursday episode of the podcast with a conversation about jersey purchases after Baggedmilk rolled into the studio wearing an Orlando Magic Shaq jersey. Interestingly enough, the boys have some pretty random jerseys in their collection but don’t ever seem to wear them for whatever reason. Finally, the pod wrapped up with a classic edition of Chalmers keeping it 100 after he noticed that more bathrooms need to play music instead of leaving people sit in silence.
Listen to the Thursday episode of Real Life below:
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