Real Life Podcast: Talking Sports 1440 and the Oilersnation Open with Jason Gregor

Real Life Podcast
9 months ago
It’s the Thursday before the launch of Sports 1440, which was the perfect time for Jason Gregor to stop by and talk about the deal and what to expect from this new endeavour.
Kicking off the Thursday episode of the Real Life Podcast, the guys got started by welcoming Jason Gregor back to the podcast for the time in nearly 400 episodes to talk about Sports 1440 and how excited is he for everyone to hear what’s coming. From the behind-the-scenes work that it took to bring this vision to life to putting the finishing touches on what’s happening next week, moving from 1260 into this brand-new project has been a hugely rewarding challenge. Gregor also offered his perspective on why he’s excited to get back on the air after hearing from so many people about how big of a hole 1260 going down has left in their lives. Changing gears, the conversation turned toward the Oilersnation Open and how this tournament is always one of the best days of the summer as Nation Citizens will be flooding the Millwoods Golf Club to raise money for Gregor’s Grads. Somehow talking about golf led the guys to ask Gregor about his sense of style as many folks have noticed the boldness of his glasses game. Lastly, the guys wrapped up the Thursday episode of the podcast with what was basically a speed round of ridiculous topics that couldn’t wait until next week.
Listen to the Thursday episode of Real Life below:
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