Real Life Podcast: The 500th Episode Extravaganza!

Real Life Podcast
9 months ago
Free agency is well underway, Chalmers showed up prepared with 10 topics, and that meant the boys had plenty to talk about on the 500th episode of the Real Life podcast.
Kicking off the Thursday edition of the Real Life podcast, the guys got started with an argument about the 500th episode as some of the boys didn’t know it was a milestone episode despite Tyler warning everyone days earlier. From there, Chalmers got into his list of topics, starting with Rick Ross’ struggles on the diving board. With that first topic out of the way, the guys pivoted to the NHL Draft as Tyler and Jay told a few stories from their time in Nashville and how it was interesting to experience the spectacle from the draft floor. With the boring draft stuff out of the way, the boys then talked about some of the shenanigans that happened behind the scenes in Nashville, including some run-ins with Biz, Craig Button, and Mark Messier. From there, the guys dove into the home run derby that’s set to take place at RE/MAX field next week. After months of build-up, Jay is finally going to get his chance to hit a ball out of the park, prompting the guys to place a few bets on how this is going to go. Lastly, the guys wrapped up the podcast with a rant from Chalmers about the new bi-law that requires stores to charge 15 cents for a paper bag when you order takeout.
Listen to the Thursday episode of Real Life below:
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