Real Life Podcast: The McDavid injury, Kane’s intermission comments, and the Heritage Classic

Real Life Podcast
8 months ago
It’s been a trying time for Oilers fans through these first couple of weeks of the season, and that led to a spicy Monday episode of the Real Life podcast.
Kicking off the Monday episode of Real Life, the guys got going with the Sam Gagner contract news that came out earlier this morning. Now that Gagner is getting set to kick off his year with the Condors, we wondered how long it may take for Samwise to make the jump back to the NHL. From there, the guys started doing an ad read for Alberta Blue Cross before quickly getting derailed by the news of an Aqua concert that’s happening while the fellas are in Seattle. Since the boys will be going to a football game on that trip to Seattle, Chalmers asked Tyler what the hell is going on with Buffalo as the Bills just dropped a game to one of the league’s worst teams. Getting back to the Oilers, the guys discussed the Oilers’ implosion from Saturday night and how that loss resulted from avoidable errors that simply cannot happen. And now that the team will be without Connor McDavid for the next week or two, the boys wondered who will step up in the captain’s absence and whether or not the team can turn this skid around without their best player. Lastly, the guys wrapped up the Monday episode of Real Life with another round of podcast reviews after a few people dropped us a line about the podcast and its meaning to them.
Listen to the Monday episode of Real Life below:
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