Real Life Podcast: The Elks are for sale, increasing attendance, and the Edmonton Oilers debacle

Real Life Podcast
6 months ago
There’s nothing better than winding down your week with a fresh episode of the Real Life Podcast to make sense of what’s happening in the world. On today’s episode, the boys looked at the Elks being for sale, what’s going on with the Oilers, and whether or not there’s any path to fixing it.
Kicking off the Thursday episode of the podcast, the guys started with a conversation about the Edmonton Elks being up for sale, and what the guys think they’re worth. Obviously, it will take someone with plenty of dough to swoop in and safe the team, but what is for sure is that whoever buys them has an incredible chance to rebuild the once proud franchise. Despite having nothing to do with this sale, the guys sure had plenty of nifty ideas for what the team could do to inspire attendance. Turning the podcast back to the Oilers, the guys had a hard time finding any positives about what’s going on right now. From the results on the ice to the reactions online, nothing is going right for the Oilers right now and it’s causing the fans to go insane. Frankly, the list of reasons to be upset gets longer by the day, and that has some of the boys wondering what that means for the team’s two stars. Does punting this season mean the end of the McDavid era? It almost feels like that’s the case, and that’s a painful reality for anyone that cheers for this franchise.
Listen to the Thursday episode of Real Life below:
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