Real Life Podcast: The Moffatts, Oilersnation History, and Tyler is unimpressed with everything

Real Life Podcast
1 year ago
A brand new week is off and running, which means the boys from the Real Life Podcast are back with a brand new episode to help you ease back into work life. On today’s show, the guys looked at The Moffatts, Oilersnation History, and a whole lot more.
To kick off today’s podcast, the crew got started with a conversation about The Moffatts after Jay had a meeting with someone that works with the band, and was completely blown away by how big they are overseas. If you’re old enough, you probably remember The Moffatts but what you may not know is that two of the brothers are still active and MASSIVE in Asia. From there, the guys told a few old Oilersnation stories as The Nation Network prepares for its 15th anniversary, and as you’ll hear, things didn’t always run quite as smoothly. From there, the podcast really fell off the rails as Wanye, Jay, and Baggedmilk told all kinds of stories that had nothing to do with anything, which ultimately to a whole lot of randomness. Getting back to the Oilers, the guys spent about five minutes yelling at Tyler after he asked the question about why ON threw a draft party when Connor McDavid was taken first overall back in 2015.
Listen to the Monday episode of Real Life below:
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