Real Life Podcast: The #NationVacation Begins

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1 year ago
After checking into the hotel, cracking a fresh beverage, and thanking our friends at AMA Travel, the boys crowded into a room to talk about the day and predict what was to come for the Nation’s third trip to Las Vegas.
Sold out in a matter of weeks long before the season even started, it was a long wait before finally boarding the plane to Las Vegas. Seeing as there was a sizeable crew from Nation HQ in attendance and a mission to cover this year’s trip like never before, Tyler, Jay, and Baggedmilk mused about how great it felt to be back after going more than three years since the last time we were here. While there had been a #NationVacation to Nashville last season, neither Baggedmilk nor Jay was on that trip, which makes this third run down to Vegas all that much more special. Over and above the good vibes that invariably come with a trip like this, the guys also discussed last night’s win and how it was the kind of performance the Oilers needed to have against a bottom-feeding team like the Ducks. The tricky part, obviously, will be seeing whether they can carry that same level of energy and urgency into the rest of the week. Needless to say, the Oilers have fooled us with one-off performances all season long, but considering where they’re at in the standings, the boys definitely need to put together some kind of run. And with two more huge Pacific Division matchups on tap for the rest of the week, the opportunity to pick up some valuable ground and points is on the table.
Listen to the Thursday episode of Real Life below:
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