Real Life Podcast: The Oilers’ perfect January, smoked meat, and Jay’s lofty trade deadline plan

Real Life Podcast
4 months ago
The Oilers just wrapped up a perfect month of January, Chalmers was back with a tooth-brushing update, and that meant a whole lot to talk about on the Monday episode of the Real Life podcast.
Kicking off the podcast, the boys got started with a fresh round of podcast reviews that included a truckload of feedback regarding Chalmers’ dental hygiene. In terms of connecting with the audience, it’s been a minute since any show stories have landed as well as this one. Changing gears, the podcast turned toward Chalmers’ gripe with smoking meat. Even though he’s always dreamt of being a meat smoker guy, the fact that he doesn’t like the food he produces is absolutely hilarious.
Changing gears, the guys spent the next few minutes discussing the Nation Vacation to Arizona that’s coming up in a few short weeks and why you need to be a part of this trip. With only four spots available, the guys tried to incentivize signing up with some of the worst ideas humanly possible. Sticking with the Oilers, Jay laid out his pitch for why Edmonton should chase Sidney Crosby as a potential deadline target. As you’ll hear, Jay was incredibly passionate about the idea, only to have that enthusiasm quelled by an unimpressed Tyler Yaremchuk
Lastly, the guys wrapped up the Monday episode of the podcast with a look at the Super Bowl after Tyler tweeted that it’s going to be the worst final of all time. Tyler’s opinion wasn’t shared by everyone, however, as the San Francisco versus Kansas City matchup does have more intrigue than maybe one might expect.
Listen to the Monday episode of Real Life below:
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