Real Life Podcast: The Oilersnation Open recap, fight reviews, and the NFL season kicks off

Real Life Podcast
5 months ago
It’s the Thursday after the long weekend, which was the first time the guys were able to talk about the Oilersnation Open, the start of the NFL season, and everything else that was missed over the last week.
Kicking off the Thursday episode of the Real Life Podcast, the guys got started with a recap of Friday’s Oilersnation Open at Millwoods Golf Club and how it was another amazing day. From interacting with Nation Citizens to sponsors coming through to side bets on the course, Oilersnation’s annual golf tourney is always a great time and an event you’ll want to be a part of next year. With the tournament recap out of the way, Chalmers shifted the podcast with a couple of fight reviews after some mayhem broke out over the weekend and needed a full breakdown. Finally, after waiting so patiently for the first half of the podcast, Chalmers was finally able to express his excitement for the start of the NFL season. With the regular season kicking off tonight between the Chiefs and Lions, the guys workshopped a few ideas on how they can cover the NFL throughout the season and would love listener ideas on what that might look like.
Listen to the Thursday episode of Real Life below:
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