Real Life Podcast: Tyler’s golf hypothetical, neighbourhood drama, and the Oilers’ win streak

Real Life Podcast
5 months ago
There was plenty to talk about on the Thursday episode of the Real Life podcast as the Oilers fish for a ninth consecutive win tonight against the Tampa Bay Lightning, but the real question is always whether the boys get to the hockey talk or not.
Kicking off the podcast, the fellas got started with a dose full of shenanigans after Tyler walked into the podcast studio with a litre of cola that sent the boys down a rabbit hole. It started with wondering how much sugar you’re allowed to consume in a day and somehow ended up with a conversation about whether or not you could play a -10 round of golf at Augusta if you had unlimited mulligans. Somehow, the shenanigans led to an update from Tyler about his neighbourhood drama that revolved around a parking beef between two households. Changing gears, the boys spent a few minutes talking about the Oilers’ eight-game winning streak and how it’s a run that can keep going, provided that the Oilers keep up their level of play. Lastly, the Thursday episode of the podcast wrapped up with another round of Chalmers construction corner as he tabled the idea of making content on YouTube if he could figure out how to make it work. Would the Nation be willing to give him an intern to film his day job? Probably not, but there’s little doubt that there’s an appetite for more Chalmers construction content.
Listen to the Thursday episode of Real Life below:
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