Real Life Podcast: Usher at the Super Bowl, Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift, and the NHL pre-season

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Real Life Podcast
7 months ago
It’s Monday afternoon and the pre-season is underway, which means there was plenty to talk about on the newest episode of the Real Life Podcast.
With Usher announced as the halftime performer at the Super Bowl, the guys kicked off the podcast with an argument about whether or not this was the right choice. Sticking with the NFL, the guys dove into the Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift relationship and how there were a couple of guys on the podcast that don’t think this is real. While Baggedmilk and Jay think the couple is legit, Wanye and Chalmers most certainly do not. Changing gears, the guys then had an extended discussion about betting and specifically why so many of us enjoy dropping a few dollars in a slot machine even though they aren’t exactly the best way to make some money.
Turning the podcast toward the Oilers, the guys broke down the start of the pre-season a little bit before they all ended up complaining about Edmonton putting their pre-season games behind a paywall when no one else is doing that. Talking about Oilers+ led the guys to wander into what other sports do in these situations, and whether this will just be the future of watching sports. From there, things really fell apart as the remainder of the podcast was filled with a range of topics from Big Brother, to Chalmers’ OJ impression, and anything else that kept the ball rolling.
Listen to the Monday episode of Real Life below:

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