Real Life Podcast: Wrapping up our Vegas Adventures for AMA Travel

Real Life Podcast
1 year ago
The boys wrapped their trip down to Vegas by recording a new episode of the podcast from their hotel room. To kick things off, they talked about how yesterday got going. The Las Vegas strip was loaded with orange and blue and the atmosphere outside of the arena was incredible. There were high-fives everywhere and almost every bar leading up to the arena was packed. The guys shared stories of the people they met and also, what they did to try and manifest an Oilers victory (hint: it involves wagering a lot of money on the team). Of course, they had some extra cash in their pockets thanks to a big win at the plastic ponies the night before. Things got derailed a little bit as they relived their big victory and talked about what they did to celebrate after. Then, they dug into the Oilers big victory. Leon Draisaitl is absolutely unstoppable right now, Evander Kane dropped the quote of the playoffs, and Connor McDavid is starting to wake up. It feels like the series has shifted in the Oiler’s favour.
After the game, they celebrated the only way they know how: by hitting up Fremont Street. They talked about the cover band, their adventures on the famous street, and their strong run in the casino. It was another successful AMA Travel adventure and the guys were definitely feeling it this morning, as you can tell in the podcast.
Listen to the bonus episode of Real Life below:
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