Sunday Scaries: Darnell Nurse, #OilGN23 and the Edmonton Oilers playoff push

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Kylie Salai
8 months ago
The oilers took 4 of 6 possible points this week at the peak of our playoff push, but there’s still some things to be scared about.
On Monday night the Oilers took on the Buffalo Sabres in what I believe to be a little too close of a game. I was expecting a much more dominant play coming from the oilers. In the first period, The Sabres came out guns blazing, leaving it up to Stuart Skinner to shut the door and keep the boys in the game. As the period progressed, the play was very back and forth, and the score reflected that after Connor McDavid and Jeff Skinner both got on the board to make it 1-1. Derek Ryan was the lone goal scorer in the second period giving the oilers a 2-1 lead. The third period saw a quick goal from the ‘workhorse from Whitehorse’, Dylan Couzens, to tie the game once again. Our Saviour and captain would come back with another goal just under two minutes later to seal the Oiler’s 3-2 victory.
What a win for the Oilers in Boston on Thursday. You can count me in the group of people who thought the game was over when the Bruins had a 2-0 lead on home ice. The Bruins are a scary team to give a lead like that to because they don’t play like the Leafs, and when they build up that lead, they’re known for keeping it. Luckily, Evan Bouchard got on the board, cutting their lead in half. We would get two more goals from the depths of our lineup thanks to Ryan McLeod, and the game-winning goal from Darnell Nurse.
Finally, our Girl’s Night game, the Toronto Maple Leafs. Now, if I’m being honest, I didn’t really have a chance to watch too much of the game through the fun and chaos of the event but from what I gather:
Mattias Ekholm scored his first as an Oiler (we loved this at girl’s night)
Darnell Nurse gave us some facepalmers
The Oilers gave us hope with a 3-1 lead… then absolutely fell apart to lose 7-4.
BUT girl’s night was the perfect distraction from a disappointing game.
Also shout out this twitter account for tweeting while I was with everyone who genuinely believes that I’m the one running the account.

Sunday Scaries

Darnell Nurse… no further comments.
We truly truly truly need to stop giving up leads like this, especially through these final games of the season during out playoff push.

Sunday Celly’s

Captain Connor is on an absolute tear, and I know he has been all year, but it’s worth mentioning considering in buffalo he set a career-high in points and still has games to play.
Girls Night!!! The event I had the honour of planning and putting on with some fantastic women went beautifully! I want to thank everyone who supported the event and SACE, by attending, donating or spreading the word. We had an amazing time and can’t wait for the next one.

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