Sunday Scaries: Edmonton Oilers regular season success turned scaries into celly’s long term

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Kylie Salai
1 year ago
The regular season has officially come to an end, and for once in my life, I am beyond content with this team.
There was a point in the season when I was genuinely worried, but somehow this team turned it around and turned into an absolute menace to the rest of the league…
This brings me to game 81 of 82.
We played the Colorado Avalanche on Tuesday, and if you’re anything like me, you’re way too excited about the playoffs to remember this game even happened. Basically, to sum it up, whoever the heck Ben Meyers is scored to put the Avs up by one early. Lucky for the boys, in true Oilers fashion, they responded quickly to tie it up at 1-1. After that, the next goal didn’t come until overtime, when Evan Bouchard ended the game. 2-1 Oilers final, extending the win streak to 8.
The final game of the season would’ve been a big one in terms of the standings, but Seattle wasn’t able to get the job done and beat the Golden Knights for the Oilers to take the top spot in the Pacific Division. The Oilers did what they needed to do, beating the San Jose Sharks 5-2. This win for Stuart Skinner made him a new record holder for most wins in Oilers franchise history by a rookie goaltender. For a hometown boy, I’m sure that one feels good. Grant Fuhr, another hometown boy, previously held the record. Two goals for Mattias Janmark puts him in a great spot confidence-wise heading into the playoffs. Winning 9 straight going into the playoffs is a great look for us.
In my eyes, the Oilers have been playoff mode since the trade deadline, and I can’t wait to see what their true playoff form is TOMORROW.
Speaking of playoff excitement- I asked around the office (and my stepdad) what they are most excited about the playoffs this year. the responses were not all that shocking.
My stepdad said he is most excited to watch us win and to watch the team take that next step and elevate their game in the playoffs. Woz says he’s most excited about the energy and vibes around the city. Kennedy is pumped to see who is going to come through as our team underdog and car flags. Coomzy, aka Cam Lewis, is looking forward to “pump it” by the Black Eyed Peas. Nation Dan wants Feeling Good by Nina Simone to kick it off. Spencer is ready for the absolute immaculate vibes on the streets of downtown, pre and post-game. And finally, Liam and Gavin are looking forward to placing bets on Leon Draisaitl over 1.5 points.
Oh, and Baggedmilk is looking forward to drinking at 2 p.m., and honestly, he deserves it.
I personally am excited for the vibes, the way that this is the only thing that matters to so many Edmontonians and Oilers fans not in Edmonton too. The playoffs absolutely take over the city, and I think it’s really poetic that all of the Flames fans living in Edmonton just have to suffer through it while we celebrate.
That’s right, it’s Sunday Celly time!
Another week with little to be scared of and a million things to celebrate.
My only genuine fear going into the playoffs is dealing with LA. to be clear, I am not scared of playing LA. I know we can beat them, we prove that time and time again. I am worried about dealing with all the extra crap, them being a dirty team, and all their fans crying when the Oilers inevitably stoop to the Kings’ level and start playing dirty back. The fear or worry comes from last year because coming out of the LA series we had a few players banged up and playing on injuries for the remainder of the playoffs. We need to avoid that in the first round because it’s about to be a long summer for our Oilers.
and to Celebrate!
Connor Mcdavid is your Rocket Richard trophy winner, along with the Art Ross winner, and if the Ted Lindsay and Hart Trophy aren’t accompanying him at the awards ceremony, then they picked the wrong winners.
The Oilers are in the playoffs and playing incredibly. There is quite literally nothing else to say. We know how special this team is, and we know what we are about to experience in the playoffs, so there’s no point in me sitting here to tell you that. We all already know, so let’s enjoy it.
I hope to see you at Greta for some watch parties!
Now let’s get this wagon on the road to Stanley!!

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