Sunday Scaries: Nuge is the man, Tyson Barrie is gone and this week was chaos

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Kylie Salai
1 year ago
Well, we had quite a chaotic week in Oilersnation.
On Monday, the Oilers took on the Boston Bruins in one of the most interesting and exciting hockey games I’ve seen in a while. I was fully expecting the Oilers to drop the ball and to my surprise, they did not. One truly iconic moment I got to witness, was the NHL Referees finally admitting they were wrong.
The next truly iconic moment of the night was when I also got to see Connor McDavid score his 49th, and 50th goals of the season with my own two eyes. Call that Mc50.
The Oilers put up a good effort against the league-leading Bruins, but Connor’s two goals wouldn’t be enough to top them in a 3-2 loss, that wasn’t even all that disappointing. At some point in this game, it clicked to me that this could be Jesse Puljujarvi’s last game as an Edmonton Oiler, but never in my wildest dreams did I think it was going to be Tyson Barrie’s.
So Tuesday was a tough one for me and every other Twitter girlie…
First, regarding the Puljujarvi trade: I’m wondering what exactly took Ken Holland so long to pull the trigger on this one. He said he didn’t want to just dump him, and then after months of sitting around, he did just that. While I was one of the people hoping to see Puljujarvi dealt, it’s still sad to see such a kind happy person get traded from your team. Knowing how much everyone on the team and in the stands valued him as a person more than as a hockey player makes the trade really bittersweet.
Later in the day is when Holland made his big deadline move, trading Tyson Barrie, Reid Schaefer (rip Ginger Beef 2022-2023), and two picks for Mattias Ekholm and a sixth-round pick. It’s the trade everyone wanted, and probably the one we needed, but it still hurts to see Barrie leave knowing he loved it here.
The day after the big trade, The Oilers took on the Toronto Maple Leafs, another game I thought the oilers were doomed in from the beginning, and again, I was wrong! The Oilers rolled the Leafs with a 5-2 victory. In this game, Connor McDavid became the fifth player in NHL history to hold a run of five consecutive multi-goal games. What a nice cherry on top to have this milestone be hit against the Leafs. This game also saw a very angry Nuge defending Yamamoto without a second thought. He took down Justin Holl (who is 6’3 and almost 200 pounds) like he was nothing. Who doesn’t love a good Nuge fight?
Seeing Zach Hyman score against his former club also made my heart (and fantasy team) really happy. And shout out Stuart Skinner for closing the door against one of the most dangerous offences in the league.
Ahead of the matchup against the Winnipeg Jets on Friday, Ken Holland made his next and final move of the trade deadline, acquiring Nick Bjugstad at 50% retained in exchange for Michael Kesselring and our third-round pick in this year’s draft.
Friday night when the oilers faced off against the jets at Rogers place, we saw quite the scoring affair from the oilers after Leon Draisaitl opened the scoring just over two minutes into the game. The oilers would end the first intermission up 1-0 then proceed to blow open that lead in the second with three goals, including two quick back-to-back goals from Kailer Yamamoto. One more goal from each of Both Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Leon Draisaitl  would complete the 6 total goals scored, leaving all three of our goal scorers on uncompleted hatty watch.
The Jets finally came to play in the third period, scoring three goals, and letting my trauma get in my head, but despite having their lead cut in half, the Oilers held on to win the game.
The Oilers playing the Jets in Winnipeg would end up with quite a different storyline…
A dicey game for Jack Campbell- and dicey feels generous when he finished the night with a .842 save%, left the Oilers fighting for the game, but even after scoring 5, they couldn’t outscore the Jets. The serotonin of a Leon Draisaitl Hattrick would soften the blow, but losing a game like this will always be annoying.
After what is the longest weekly recap I’ve ever written in my life, let’s discuss the scaries:
  1. We have to play two tough games again in Boston and Toronto. This last Jets game is the perfect example of why we should still be a little worried going into these games because even after the Oilers proved that they can compete, it’s still the Oilers, and don’t forget it.
  2.  Jack Campbell is unfortunately back on my radar… I love you soup, but you scare me a little.
& the Celly’s because we deserve it:
  1. Mattias Ekholm- now, I know I made it clear I was not happy to see Barrie go, but we needed this trade to happen because Ekholm is exactly who we need on our backend to help solidify our 5v5 play.
  2. Our offence is absolutely buzzing lately.
My final Celly- Our Girl’s Night is finally this week! On Saturday the 11th I will be with Kennedy at the Oilers Girls Night at SOHO and we will be having a great time with some amazing ladies in support of SACE.
if you would like to support our cause, but aren’t able to attend the event (It is unfortunately sold out) you can donate to SACE HERE.
If you are attending I am super excited to get to see you and have a great night!!
One more thing for those of you that aren’t liking my Sunday scaries, unfortunately, you are stuck with me as per the NationHQ Insider.
Talk to me on Twitter, or in the comments!
If not, I will see you next Sunday!

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