Sunday Scaries: Just when you think it can’t get worse, it does

Kylie Salai
7 months ago
Sunday the Oilers took on the Calgary Flames in the  Heritage Classic, and thankfully, they gave us a reason to be happy. The Oilers took a 3-1 lead through the first period. Brett Kulak made half the province proud when he opened the scoring just 4:19 into the game. Zach Hyman gave us twice the reason to be happy when he tapped one home five minutes later, and we were up 2-0. With the Flames on the powerplay, Kadri cut the lead in half, but 1:11 later, Bouchard would restore the lead to two. 
The second period saw one goal, another power play tally from the flames when A.J. Greer scored his first of the season.
Who are the power play merchants now, Flames fans?
In the third period, with a one-goal game between their provincial rivals, the Oilers would score two more goals thanks to 
And with the Oilers finally winning and us finally being able to play La Bamba, my only real complaint was how busy that stadium was. That concourse cannot facilitate as many people as the building allows. Also, the weather was perfect (I wore an ankle-length jacket, hand and foot warmers, big winter boots, and a queen-sized blanket, so ask someone else). Also, for the Nickelback haters who don’t like how much I love them, you will be pleased to know that I was very disappointed with their set. 
Saturday Nights Alright in its entirety on a Sunday? Over Animals and Burn it to the Ground? That was a bold choice. And How You Remind Me over Photograph? Basically, I didn’t agree with any of the three songs they chose (but I understand choosing Rockstar). If it were up to me (rest assured, I know it’s not) this would’ve been their three songs:
1- Come out and get everyone fired up with Animals
2- Photograph for the snoozer ‘Everyone knows this one’ song.
3- Burn it to the Ground. McDavid said it himself that this song would get the boys fired up. Missed opportunity since that was the Oilers playoff song last year. 
But I would’ve been chill with a big medley of like 10. Songs like they did at the Junos but again, not my choice. I’m not mad, just disappointed. 
All in all, the Heritage Classic was a great time for a great game, and the Oilers looked as good as they could against a terrible Calgary Flames team. They killed off two lengthier 5-on-3 opportunities for the Flames in the first period alone. Unfortunately, that game gave me hope, which we all know a week later was false hope…
Against the Stars on Thursday, the Oilers went full Oilers and lost 4-3. The only highlight out of this game was Sam Gagner scoring two third-period goals. And why should we be surprised? This is the same guy that scored eight points in one game, so it was almost destiny that his third trip back with the Oilers would be a spectacle.
The Oilers recalled Raphael Lavoie on Friday Evening after loaning Philip Broberg to the Condors and a Connor Brown injuring himself against the Stars, Lavoie made his much anticipated NHL debut on Saturday.
Yesterday afternoon, the Oilers played a matinee against the Nashville Predators who haven’t had much luck against our boys over the last handful of years. Leon Draisaitl usually (key word there) takes them for a ride, but was held pointless in a 5-2 loss that was extremely disappointing in almost every way.  Jack Campbell was whatever the opposite of ‘the three stars of the game’ is. He allowed five goals on 34 shots for an .853 SV%, which is simply not good enough.

Around the League:

The talk around the league has been the San Jose Sharks (the only team worse than the Oilers right now). Through 11 games the Sharks are 0-10-1 with one point to their name in the standings. Will the Sharks get their first win of the season against the Oilers on Thursday? I hope not, but I would be about 0% surprised if that were the case. 
The scoring leaders this year are pretty random, and by that, I mean they aren’t Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl. 
The top three in scoring are Elias Petterson in first with 20 Points through 11 games, Jack Hughes in second with 20 through 10 and Jesper Brett and Artemi Panarin tied for third with 18 points in 10 and 11 games, respectively.
To find any Oilers, you’d have to go all the way down to 18 to find Draisaitl, who has 13 points in 10 games. The next Oiler is heavily separated, and Zach Hyman is at 66 with 10 points through 10 games. Then you’ll find Connor, who has 10 points in the eight games he has played.
Tyson Barrie also returned to Rogers Place this Saturday, and the Oilers ( a team that loved him and he loved) didn’t even give him a tribute video. Now, I know this isn’t important for many of you, but for as big of a locker room player and contributor to our powerplay success last year as he was, a 15-second video wouldn’t have hurt anybody.

Oilers Weekly Preview

The Oilers will take on the shockingly dominant Canucks on Monday in Vancouver, where they should be desperate for a win. I say they should be, because well, they should be, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they just aren’t. They should be playing desperate hockey right now but they’re actually just playing bad hockey. 
In the Canucks last two games, they have outscored their opponents 12-1, blanking the Dallas Stars, and only allowing one goal in their matchup against the Sharks.
On Thursday, the Oilers will be in San Jose for their first game against the Sharks. Aside from the Heritage Classic, this will be their most important game so far because if the Oilers don’t beat the Sharks, they may never win a game again. Next Saturday, Edmonton continues their road trip as the team makes its way to Seattle to take on the Kraken for their first regular season matchup. The Kraken are 4-6-2 through twelve games, which means that the Oilers still stand a chance, but if you’re anything like me, you won’t get your hopes up. 
Last season, I would look at the next five games and laugh this year, I look and I have no clue what to think. This team hasn’t been playing their best hockey this year. They have barely been playing hockey. We’re starting to get to the point in the season where if they don’t start winning some games (and by some I mean lots) the Oilers might not make the playoffs. 
I know that it’s early, but I also know that it’s hard to play from behind all the time. It’s even harder to play from behind in the standings for an entire season, especially with three point games with OTLs. 
Anyways, Let’s ride I guess….
Until next Sunday!

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