Sunday Scaries: Steve Staios is gone, Mark Stone’s post game overreaction, and I hate the Saddledome

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Kylie Salai
7 months ago
Steve Staios is no longer a member of the Edmonton Oilers management group, as he has moved on to be named President of Hockey Operations with the Ottawa Senators. Andlauer is looking for Staios to recreate the success they shared in the OHL with the Hamilton Bulldogs, hoping that the relationship will also be fruitful at the NHL level. Now, this wasn’t the best-kept secret even before the hiring. Shortly after the ownership change was announced, rumours shifted from Staios being the next Oilers GM to leaving the organization entirely to join the Senators and that’s exactly what happened. I wish him the best of luck in his new role with the Sens!
On another note, the Heritage Classic jerseys were revealed this week, and they have received mixed reviews.
Like anything, some people love it and some people hate it and I wanted to offer my thoughts. I think that both teams actually did a very good job with the jerseys. The Oilers doing the brown pants and gloves is the perfect ‘classic’ touch to me, along with the felt accents on the jersey itself. I think that they did a great job sticking to the task at hand of making a new version of a CLASSIC jersey. The Oilers stuck with the right orange and blue, and added cream instead of the harsh white which makes it look 100 times better. The Flames did the cream jersey pretty much perfectly, they just didn’t really nail the full set up in my opinion. I think that it being the Heritage Classic and them having the cream jerseys, the brown pants, and gloves would suit their setup perfectly. I still think their setups are great. I think the jerseys are sick, I just think they could’ve done more. And I love the cream jerseys so much, that I wish the Oilers were the away team so we could have the cream jerseys.
The pre-season has been interesting…
The Oilers are 2-3 in their first five preseason games with the wins coming against the Canucks and the Flames. The first win of the pre-season was thanks to Connor McDavid’s overtime winner at Rogers Place on Wednesday night, and our second was a win over Calgary’s NHL team while icing our AHL team in Calgary.
Last night the Oilers fell 5-2 against the Vancouver canucks, with Raphael Lavoie and Adam Erne being Edmonton’s only goal scorers.


Mark Stone had his world rocked by Hayden Hodgson in the Vegas Golden Knights vs. LA Kings preseason matchup earlier this week. After the game, he said, “That’s probably the last time I’ll ever play against that guy. Not really much of a player, so I’ll leave it at that.” As a veteran in the league and captain of his team, I think that is a petty and frankly embarrassing thing to say. Hitting is a part of the game and that ‘not much of a player’ delivered a hit that Stone didn’t like. Bardown posted this quote and the comments were quite hilarious.
@shawnmasterflex on Instagram says “He should be happy, perfect excuse to miss the entire season and then be healthy just in time for playoffs again.
Connor Bedard could be the real deal and not just another Alexis Lafreniere. This seems like a simple statement, and you might be thinking “Yeah, I know Connor Bedard is good, Kylie.” BUT EXCUSE ME if the recent turnout of first-overall picks hasn’t given me much hope. Connor Bedard made his preseason debut for the Chicago Blackhawks on Thursday and wowed pretty much everyone but himself. “I think I can be a lot better” was his exact quote post-game. He later went on to say that he can be pretty hard on himself but is still confident in himself and his play.


This week their Oilers finish up the pre-season, with two games against the Seattle Kraken (welcome back Yams) and one final pre-season Battle of Alberta.
On Monday the Oilers will get their first look at the Seattle Kraken in Seattle, and then they will play them again at home on Friday.
The last of two pre-season Battle of Alberta’s will come on Wednesday at Rogers Place- which should and hopefully will be a win.
Hang in there, pre-season is almost over, and the real fun starts in 10 days with our first GRETA watch party of the season 🥳


First of all, welcome to the new layout of Sunday Scaries!
I’ve decided to give it some organization so it’s a little less chaotic, but my random tidbits are going to be silly sports things that i just love…. like the following!
  • Taylor Swift was at the Chiefs game last Sunday, and I loved that for the swifties (me). I am a New York Giants fan by association, so tonight GO CHIEFS GO! Not only are they playing the NY Jets, but Taylor Swift is rumoured to be in attendance watching her new flame Travis Kelce.
  • I was at the Morgan Wallen concert at the Saddledome last night and three things came of it.
    • The Saddledome is the WORST. It’s literally horrific. I have gone 21 whole years without having a reason to enter that building and it was a traumatic experience.
    • Oilers fans take over Calgary and I’m so serious. Bailey Zimmerman came out to sing a song with Morgan Wallen, and he was wearing a Flames jersey IN CALGARY and he got booed. Obviously, when Morgan Wallen came out to sing his three biggest hits (Heartless, Last Night, and Whiskey Glasses) in a custom Blasty Jersey he was not given the same welcome back to the stage.
    • LETS GO OILERS CHANTS OUTSIDE THE SADDLEDOME!!!!!!!!! This is so important to me because I love being a hater.
    • Also, they made me drink out of a Flames cup all night and that hurt my feelings so badly.

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