The 2021 Black Friday Collection is Live!

2 years ago
It’s Thanksgiving south of the border and that means one of the biggest shopping weekends of the year is upon us, which also means the launch of the 2021 NationGear Blackout Collection.
For the 2021 Blackout Collection, we’ve introduced a quartet of new designs that will not only make you look and feel 200% sexier than ever before but I’m also prepared to guarantee that your current friends will like you more. Alright, so maybe that’s an exaggeration because you might be a real turd, but the first promise is absolutely true because there is no doubt that these new threads are fresh. So what are we talking about? This year, we launched a new hoodie (with upgraded materials 😍😍), t-shirt, hat, and toque that we’ve never done before and if I do say so myself, these babies are sharp. I don’t know if it’s my love of My Chemical Romance and the Black Parade that has led me to wear as much black clothing as I do, but I cannot wait to get my hands on this year’s gear. Just picture yourself putting on a fresh Blackout hoodie and toque combo and dancing sexily after a huge Edmonton win. Can you see it? I can see it. You’d be shining like the brightest of diamonds, friend.
You can check out the full Blackout Collection here.
In addition to the new stuff, we’ve also got a bunch of other new stuff that’s been released over the last couple of weeks, including our new Play La Bamba hoodie and tee where a portion of all proceeds gets donated to the Joey Moss Foundation. These babies just came out a few days ago but they’re already flying out the door, so just like the Blackout Collection, supplies will be limited on the store and you’re not going to want to wait to grab something. I repeat, many of these items are limited edition and once they’re gone they’re gone, so I’d recommend squashing your internal desire to procrastinate to make sure you get all of your Christmas shopping done before everything sells out.


Want to actually check out some of our stuff without having to worry about shipping or post delays? Get down to see our friends at Sports Closet at the Sherwood Park Mall, Kingsway Mall, or St. Albert Centre to see what they have one hand. Not only do they carry some of our stuff (quantities are limited), but they’ve got all of the jerseys, hats, tees, and sports accessories that you could ever dream to have closet space for.

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