The Brunch for Ben Viewing Party

1 year ago
If there’s one good thing about all of these matinees on the schedule, it’s the opportunity to get Nation citizens together in the daylight hours to watch some puck and enjoy a few bevvies. With another early start on the horizon, the schedule was just tempting us to throw our first brunch party in quite some time and I could not be more excited that we’ve got one planned out.
I know I say this every time we put on one of these viewing parties, but one of my absolute favourite parts of this job is when we have an event like this brunch party on the calendar as a means of getting everyone together in the same room. Not only do we always have a blast together, but it’s always fun to watch new folks attend an event for the first time and meet a bunch of the amazing people they’ve been talking to online for Gord knows how long. Needless to say, hockey just hits a little bit differently when you’re watching it with a room full of Internet friends, ya know? Not only will it be great to get together again, but the most important part about this specific viewing party is that we’ve teamed up with the Stelter family to help raise money for a charity of their choosing.


Seeing it’s been so long since we last threw one of these babies, we wanted to put something together that would be a good time for all ages. And after running through the schedule for a matinee that would give us a day that works with enough time to plan things out, we noticed that the boys actually have an 11 AM start coming up on the calendar in a few weeks. On November 26th, we’re going to pack up some of our fresh NationGear designs, giveaway prizes from our fantastic partners, invade SOHO, fill the place with fine Nation citizens, and have ourselves a memorable morning together that helps raise money for an amazing cause. To be honest, there’s nothing better than that.
Not only will it be wonderful to hang out with all of you and maybe even make some new friends, but we’re also hoping to raise as much money as we can to donate to a charity of the Stelter’s choosing. As much as it’s always a good time to drink morning caesars in the name of watching hockey, having a charity component adds an important layer to what we all hope will be a brunch party for the ages. We haven’t been able to do an early event like this in quite some time, and I’m very much looking forward to making the most out of one of these early starts on the schedule. Here’s hoping the boys on the ice will be able to match the energy that I know we’ll be bringing to SOHO in a couple of weeks.


Tired of my nonsense? Understandable. Here are all of the details you need to know for the event:
Where: SOHO (11454 Jasper Ave)
When: Saturday, November 26th, with doors opening at 10:00 AM and the hockey game starting at 11:00 AM
Who: Every single one of you is invited, including the kids!
What’s in the bag: Custom t-shirt, entry to our giveaways, stickers, and more
Why: To get the Nation together, watch the game, and raise money for a great cause.
How much: Tickets for adults are $40, and kids under 12 are free
Tickets: Right here, friend.
As a final note, I recommend that you get down to the SOHO as early as you can because the place will be packed. See you on the 26th!

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