The Sherwood Ford Giant Pre Game Show – Game 67 vs Arizona

Tyler Yaremchuk
8 months ago
Well, the Battle of Alberta certainly didn’t go the way that the Oilers had hoped. The offence showed up for the team but sadly, they delivered one of their worst defensive performances in recent history and neither of their goalies was able to bail them out. It’s a tough loss considering it came at the hands of their provincial rivals but luckily for the Oilers, they don’t have to sit on it for too long and tonight they have a great chance to get right back into the win column. You really couldn’t have asked for a better matchup tonight if you’re the Oilers. Not only are they facing an Arizona team that’s only won 20 of their 65 games so far this season, but they’re also playing for the second straight night and have lost five games in a row. The Oilers shouldn’t just win tonight, they should blowout this Coyotes team. Caroline and I went through the game on Saturday and talked about what we want to see from the Oilers tonight as they look to bounce back.
We also looked at the potential line combos and I gave my betting report! It’s all in the Sherwood Ford GIANT Pre Game Show! Give it a watch on our YouTube channel and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button!

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