The Streets Will Never Forget: Edmonton Oilers Edition

By Woz
1 year ago
Often in the soccer/football world, a player who the streets will never forget refers to someone who played well for a small period of time and then disappeared. Or had a memorable moment and also disappeared. Who’s that one Oiler for you?! For this article I gathered comments from across Oilersnation Social Media accounts (Instagram, TikTok & Twitter) I thought I had posed the question on Facebook however I must’ve missed it. I also feel this is an article or idea we can revisit in the future!


Memeamoto making sure Ty Rattie get’s a little love. As much as I’d love to see the number eight retired in Edmonton, can we hold off on that until someone, a little more notable can wear the number?! Honestly I don’t think anyone who’s worn eight with the Oilers was anything special except for Ty Rattie of course. Who else has an award named after him, “The Rocket Rattie Award” Pre-Season legend.
I remember the moment I witnessed Linus Omark pull off the spin move, it felt like the Oilers had just showcased the second coming of Pavel Datsyuk, never did we see an Oiler twirl around like that and score in the shoot-out. Unfortunately Omarks five minutes of fame didn’t last long as he only scored eight goals and thirty points during his time in Edmonton in only 66 games.
There was something I liked about Peckham when growing up. I believe it was his gritty, physical nature he brought to the blue-line. Or that he had funny moments in the Oilers show “Oil Change” at the time. He only played 160 NHL games but I swear it felt way more than that.
I will always wonder what happened between Brendan Perlini and the Edmonton Oilers. I remember in his last few games with Edmonton he scored a couple goals, had a knack for finding the back of the net as a player in the bottom six. He scored a goal or two I believe and then got sent down to Bakersfield, never to return. It’s a shame really, he had such a positive and unique outlook on life. I recommend searching up his interviews from when he was here in Edmonton. With the way he spoke, we could all learn a thing or two from Brendan Perlini.
Petr Nedved anyone?! He had two stints with the Oilers back in 03-04 and 06-07. He must’ve left a lasting impression on a few Oilers fans because I tend to hear his name pop up here and there.


If there’s one thing I’d inject into the Oilers team, it’s a little bit of Zack Stortini. He finished his NHL career with 725 penalty minutes, would rock anyone in his way and had luscious locks with a grizzly beard. We could all use a Zack Stortini in our lives.
SLEPY! The man who won the hearts of many Oilers fans during the 2017 Playoffs! Wish things turned out better for Slepyshev as it he looked like a quality bottom six forward for the Edmonton Oilers. Well he only scored three goals in those playoffs, yet Oilers fans loved him. For a man who only played 102 NHL games, he certainly left a lasting memory.
NAIL YAKUPOV! Or as Wanye put it, HOOD LEGEND! I really wish Yakupov turned into our Ovechkin, just an unreal scorer like Ovi or Kucherov. As we know that never turned out to be the case and he never lived up to his 49 goal season with the Sarnia Sting. It only took one moment for Nail Yakupov to leave a lasting impression on Oilers fans, the knee slide.
JONESY! I remember that nick-name fondly. The man who had the most beautiful head of hair that Oilers fans witnessed after the departure of Ryan Smyth. One thing Oilers fans will always remember from a player is physicality. Honestly, if you just hit, fight and score the occasional hat-trick, you’ll be remembered forever in Edmonton.
I’m too young to know who Brad Ibister is but he scored 10 goals for the Oilers in 51 games in the 03-04 season and yeah that makes sense. Bottom six forward who scores a couple goals in a small amount of games?! Cult legend in Edmonton.
FERNANDOOOO! This was the one name I saw all over the social channels. The man who made himself a legend after the 2006 Playoffs and scored that iconic overtime winner against the Caroline Hurricanes. And since 2006, whenever the Oilers have made the playoffs, we ask the question “Who will be this year’s Pisani” you know you made it as a cult hero when your name is used in that fashion. The streets will never forget Fernando Pisani.


Not sure if we’ve had a goaltender?! But yes, BEN SCRIVENS! The Professor! The only Oiler to have a 59 save shutout. Funny story, my friend who’s not a crazy Oilers fan like us, his first NHL game was that insane night against the San Jose Sharks. Safe to say Scrivens set a standard that my friend thought would’ve been normal. NOPE! Ben Scrivens, not only will the streets never forget him, he was one of the fine warriors during The Decade of Darkness.
In only 21 games with the Edmonton Oilers, Mike Morrison was deemed a shootout specialist. That’s all folks, that’s all you need to be, for the streets to never forget you.

Honourable Mentions:

Honourable mentions have to go to a few current day Oilers. Especially Klim Kostin and Derek Ryan in my eyes. I’ll also throw in Matt Hendricks and Sam Gagner for his eight point night. However Sam Gagner was a beloved Oiler for many years. Who’s an Edmonton Oiler you think the streets will never forget?? Could Dwayne Roloson be considered one or even Bill Ranford?! So many names throughout the years that Oilers fans just fell in love with even if it was just for a short period of time. We’re definitely going to have to re-visit this in the future.
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