WATCH: William Lagesson drops the mitts with Tim Stutzle

Photo credit:HockeyFights.com
2 years ago
I don’t know how many of you had @William Lagesson fighting Tim Stutzle on your bingo card, but that’s exactly what happened in tonight’s matchup between the Edmonton Oilers and Ottawa Senators.
Midway through the period of what was then a tie game, we got an unexpected fight as Willy Legs and Tim Stutzle squared off for a pretty spirited scrap from two guys that I never would have expected to punch each other in the face. It was about as random as it gets as far as a matchup, but it was clear to me that the Ottawa forward was itching to get an NHL fight under his belt because he popped Lagesson a few times before they actually got going. I mean, from Lagesson’s perspective, I don’t know what he was supposed to do other than engage because the alternative of having him eat Stutzle’s stinky mitts to the grill didn’t seem like a great option either.
As always, Nation Dan has the scrap up at HockeyFights.com, and as always, there is some funny voting happening on the site as well. At the time of posting, Hockey Fights users have the fight rated as a 75.7% win for Stutzle. What do you think?

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