What would you add to the menu at Rogers Place?

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By Woz
9 months ago
Before we get into the article I must note that articles such as this are for fun. The last time I asked “What movie character is Connor McDavid” and some were confused at the point of the article. The point is simple: We’re getting into the dog days of the Oilers’ off-season and I feel these articles are a great way to involve Nation Citizens! Just a little bit of harmless fun.
Now imagine this: OEG comes to you and says “we want you to build our menu at Rogers Place, here’s an infinite amount of money, do something with it.” Here’s what you had to say around Nation socials.
Spencer on Instagram suggests bringing back the tasty yet potent Rexall Place beers into Rogers Place. I feel no amount of money would be able to restore the beer that once flowed through Rexall Place & bring it into Rogers. Great suggestion, maybe Spencer may have to summon the greatest of all brewmasters to bring them back?
For the love of god & my wallet, partnering with Kirkland & throwing in a Costco concession would be perfect. Costco Concessions are the definition of “bang for your buck” The hot dogs are undefeated, great poutine, chicken strips. Don’t forget the sundaes. Anyways I can go on forever about Costcos Concession, the only problem I imagine would be the lines. And we already know how bad the lines can get at Rogers Place.
Starbucks or Timmies inside? Would you want a warm beverage at a hockey game? or maybe it’s a snooze fest of a game & you need something to wake you up! Won’t lie, an ice cap at an Oilers game sounds delicious!
Please. Cabbage Rolls at a hockey game? It has to be done right though! And if that means you need to bring in your babusya or babcia to help cook the best cabbage rolls, then do it! As someone who comes of Polish descent, I’d cry if I saw cabbage rolls on the menu and I’m sure the giant Ukrainian community in Edmonton & Alberta would be pleased to attend an Oilers game and order cabbage rolls.
We mentioned Rexall Beers earlier but how about more craft beer selections? I think they have some already however to see more local Edmonton brewers on the menu would be awesome!
Beef n cheds are a Nation cult classic. I know Baggedmilk would be all over this. Beef n cheds all day baby. Make it happen!
Genuinely never heard of butter chicken in a crispy burrito. Down to try it for sure, mostly because you can’t go wrong with butter chicken. Going to have to find a recipe for this though. Sounds interesting.
Won’t lie I’m a little uncultured when it comes to Bannock. Although this makes perfect sense, I’ve heard nothing but good things about Bannock & Uncle_ripp makes a great point. The real salute to being on treaty six territory!
Lots of love for a taco in a bag! This is a fun idea, always delicious. Give me an Oilers-themed taco in a bag and I’m sold.
The fact they don’t have green onion cakes already makes me sad. It’s an Edmonton staple. They can’t be too difficult to prepare & sell. The more Edmonton we can make Rogers Place, the better.
Prime rib sandwich? The sound of that makes my mouth water. Especially with the way John worded it here! Just salivating at the thought.
Owen getting a little fancy with steak potatoes and asparagus. Although he’s not wrong about watching the best hockey team. Gold star for that comment.
This is an odd request by Oilers Dave but I’ll respect. Sounds delicious and dangerous which is always a blast. Whatever they’re doing at Mosaic Stadium, we need to take notes.
Last but not least it has to be donairs! We love our donairs in Edmonton & across Oilersnation. Donairs are a part of the Edmonton experience and what better way to experience an Oilers game than by ordering a donair to punctuate the evening! I honestly believe there is a multi-verse where we can go to an Oilers game, eat a donair and have Rexall beers at the same time. Now I’m crying at the thought of that as I write this silly article.
Now the number one thing Nation Citizens commented about wasn’t food, but the affordability. That’s understandable seeing as it’s far from cheap inside Rogers Place — we can all agree on that. Thank you to everyone who commented around! Many savory suggestions that didn’t make the article, but I guarantee, if there was a Nation Potluck, it would be the Stanley Cup of Potlucks.

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