Which Edmonton Oilers would survive in The Last of Us?

Photo credit:Tom Kostiuk
By Woz
9 months ago
There’s been a lot of hype around the show “The Last of Us” this past month. Especially if you’re a fan of the Edmonton Oilers considering parts of the show were filmed in Edmonton! So that had me wondering, which Oiler would survive in “The Last of Us”?! Or any form of a post-apocalyptic world. Let’s see what you had to say!
Before getting into the article I’d like to say this piece is purely to involve the community of Oilersnation on the website. Comments are selected from Oilersnation social accounts (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). Articles such as this are intended to be fun and engaging. 


Peter Westwood mentions that Vinny Desharnais looks like he runs a mafia and lives like a king in the apocalypse. Vinny would definitely get my vote to survive just on pure height and strength. However, I’m not sure how well his footspeed would be if he was in danger. Nonetheless, I’d love to have Vinny by my side in a post-apocalyptic world.
Leon Draisaitl is a great shout based on the military exercise he had to do when Andrew Ference was a part of the club. This military drill happened in Leon’s rookie year and was Ference’s way of trying to prepare rookies for the NHL level. Leon would have a great mix of survival skills and strength.
Our friend on Twitter, RyanMcLeoder says they would essentially give up everything for Ryan McLeod to survive?! To be fair a world without Clouder just wouldn’t be right.
Brent Thompson mentions that Nuge would have no problem surviving as he already survived the Decade of Darkness! Maybe Nuge comes from the world of Game of Thrones instead and is the Prince that was promised. Bonus points if you understand that reference.
McDavid might be able to out-skate the Zombie horde or whatever those creatures are in The Last of Us. Out-running them?! I’d have to see how fast Connor can sprint but let’s assume just as fast as he can skate to be safe. And great point by Laney, we’ve seen him 1v5 SO MANY TIMES!


I love this shout of Georges Laraque from Ty on Instagram. If there’s one man I’d always feel safe around it would be Georges Laraque. If I was one of the Clickers, I believe that’s what they’re called in the show and game. I’d turn around and run if I saw Georges. The note about his diet is also smart!
How about a little faith in the Oilers’ head medical therapist, TD Forss! Not a player but definitely someone the Oilers always turn to when they need help due to an injury. The self-revive plug is also golden from Marcus on Instagram.
GATOR! Zogabogga knows nothing can get passed the former Oilers captain. The man who was beast back in the 2006 playoffs for the Oilers. Any player who was apart of that playoff run, to me is a true warrior.
Lisa brings former Oiler, Eric Gryba into the fold. We all know of his hunting capabilities and cooking! If I were to start a squad of former Oiler or current Oilers to protect me during the apocalypse I would for sure bring in Eric Gryba.


Willie on Facebook says Yamamoto! Height and speed will always play a factor when you’re in survival mode. I just hope Yam’s doesn’t find himself in too many problems based on recent injury history.
Draisaitl would likely set up a little base camp, call it his “Office” and one-time as many Clickers or zombies as he could! Ryan adds he’d set mad season records. This comment just makes me laugh just because I could see this happening in a weird, odd way.
If we’ve learned one thing from this article. If you can survive the Decade of Darkness with the Edmonton Oilers, you can survive anything.


While this may not be your typical Oilers article. We’re not speculating on trades, signings or what the Oilers can do better. We’re just having a little fun with these social pieces. I love interacting with the community of Oilersnation and finding ways to include them in content! With that being said, time to watch the latest episode of The Last of Us.

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