Yaremchuk’s Edmonton Oilers Q&A

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Tyler Yaremchuk
9 months ago
We are officially less than a month away from the NHL Trade Deadline and the buzz is slowly starting to pick up. The next month will be filled with rumours, hot takes, and mock trade proposals. This is one of my favourite times of the year.
I’m in the middle of a long travel day which started at 5 AM mountain time back in Fort Lauderdale and won’t end until I land back home in Edmonton at 10 PM. So while I sit in the Pearson International Airport, I figured I would do a little Q & A on my twitter and share some of the best questions in a little article here.
Let’s go!
I kind of thought this was weird at first too, but I had a chance to chat with the Oilers All-Stars immediately after they lost on Sunday afternoon and when they came to do their post-game presser, they already had their bags packed and ready to go. They chartered a plane and got to sleep in their own beds on Saturday and Sunday night before they head out to Detroit on Monday.
It’s also a four-game road trip coming up, as Original Pouzar later pointed out, and if they would have met the team right in Detroit, it would have been a long time from home. It makes sense IMO.
It’s really hard to answer this question right now. It will be totally dependant on which guy is playing the best in the final few weeks of the regular season. Personally, I’m more confident in Stuart Skinner but there is lots of time for that to change. Campbell does have some playoff experience.
I loved this question and allowed our intern, Gavin Turinek, to answer this one because it’s kind of become his thing.
Alright, let’s get into some trade talk.
I still think the Coyotes are asking too much. Chychrun has been on the block for a while and the Coyotes still haven’t budged.
Listen, I think Chychrun is really good but his game can be chaotic at times. He can lose his man in the defensive zone and sometimes is too aggressive when he pinches in the offensive zone.
If the cost is Broberg, a first-round pick, and a second-round pick then I’m not doing it.
If it’s two picks and Puljujarvi, then I’d be more inclined but that would then mean the Oilers have four left-shot defensemen under contract next season with Nurse, Kulak, and Broberg all still in the organization. 
Maybe they like Broberg as an option on his off side and could run him there next year after an off-season trade, but I still don’t think they need to get someone with term.
If they’re all in this season then does it make more sense to go get one player that costs three good assets? Or spread those pieces up and make two deals?
With a first and second-round pick, you could potentially get Jonathan Toews and a rental defenseman like Radko Gudas or Niko Mikkola. Chychrun has long-term value, but if the Oilers are set with their three left-handed defensemen for next year, maybe they’re better off just adding a few rentals instead of just going all out for one player. They don’t have unlimited assets after all.
I wouldn’t hate a Chychrun deal and there’s no doubt it would make them better, I just think there might be a better path for Holland to take.
This question ties in nicely to the previous one because my answer is Darnell Nurse.
He was great down the stretch last season before he got hurt and if the Oilers can get that version of Darnell Nurse back then their blueline will suddenly look a lot better. They need him to be a workhorse and while I do think that some of the hate he’s gotten this season is undeserved, there’s no denying that he’s struggled at points.
If he can return to the form we saw at points last season and can competently handle 22+ minutes a night against tough competition, it will go a long ways in how people view the Oilers.
Give me the over. I think we’ll see:
  • A trade for a centre
  • A trade for a defenseman
  • Another depth forward added
  • A trade that’s a pure cap dump
I had a blast and getting to see media people from around the league is really cool. The NHL did a great job with their beach festival in the days leading up to the event as well. I really enjoyed going down and just checking that out as a fan. I also loved the 27-degree weather every day.
My favourite moment though might be Leon Draisaitl revealing that the mullets that he and McDavid are growing out are a result of a wager between the team’s Captain and rookie forward Dylan Holloway. It shows how much this team is gelling right now and that’s very important as they head down the stretch.


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