Your Thoughts: Rating Ken Hollands Trade Deadline Week

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By Woz
1 year ago
With the trade deadline past us, let’s get your thoughts on how Ken Holland did last week! Were Oilers fans happy with the additions Holland made? Let’s find out!
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Cap space and Ken Holland are common themes when talking about concerns in Edmonton. I’m also surprised by how creative Holland got when it came to handling money. As they say “Money in, Money out” and Ken did that while improving this team.
I love this from Wayne. Some were upset with Ken Holland for trading picks and prospects. However, it was bound to happen if this team wanted to improve. The Oilers still have assets on the farm who can be suitable NHL players. Reid Schaefer wasn’t going to be a difference-maker this year, next year or who knows how long. Edmonton needed players who can take them closer to the promised land and that’s what a player like Mattias Ekholm can do. Ken took a risk, and time to see if it will pay off.
FIRST CLASS! Ken Holland deserves that praise after this deadline. Yes, he didn’t improve every department of this roster, however, he did experiment when it comes to improving the blue line. Mattias Ekholm brings that defensive factor the Oilers have been missing for years! He solidified the area that needed the most attention.
Oilers fans definitely got a little impatient with Holland as the deadline got closer. However, give credit to Dubas as he put in a ton of work to bolster the Maple Leafs. Ken Holland did what he needed to address his team. He and his staff identified what they needed, it was either Ekholm or Chychurn and honestly, I’m happy Ken took a risk, and made a splash because they needed help on the backend.


With one beloved Oiler gone, comes a new one that fans can cherish. Many enjoyed the Bison King and others didn’t. If you’re sad that Jesse Puljujarvi is gone, there’s nothing wrong with that. He was a player who put a smile on the faces of many Oilers fans and unfortunately things didn’t pan out the way we hoped for Jesse. We can only wish him the best from here as he loved playing in Edmonton. Ekholm, on the other hand, has quickly become a fan favourite with his beard, defensive game, and experience on the blue line.
The best beard in the league? The best and well groomed beard in the league I’d say. It’s not like Brent Burns or Joe Thornton’s where it’s just all over the place. Personally, I would love a beard like Ekholm’s.
Dcjans mentions the right side. I bet Holland would’ve loved to improve the right side as well considering it’s a tad frail. That’s probably a job for the off-season. As much as Holland did, he couldn’t cure every issue plaguing the team in one deadline. Regardless, the Oilers are a better team now than they were last week.


Jay says we need more! Yes we do! However it’s a little late now and this is the team we’ve got going into playoff season,
Scott gives the Oilers an A. Solid grade for Holland’s work. I’m sure an addition to the right side on defense or offense would’ve made it an A+.
I’ve got a feeling that Bjugstad will be sneaky good for the Oilers. Already with the nickname of Long Derek Ryan. Someone who’s tall, can score from time to time, and is pretty solid at faceoffs. That’s what you love to have in your bottom six!
“Addressed obvious concerns” In a BIG playoff year as well. Kenny, it’s safe to say Oilers fans are PLEASED with your work this trade deadline. Many predicted he would nothing, that it would be a quiet week from the Oilers. Ken Holland said “hold my beer, we’re going all in”


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