Yesterday, I told you that I would be launching a new podcast called Better Lait Than Never and today I recorded my first ever episode! In today’s episode, I talked about what’s going on with the Oilers, the segment of fans that want Dave Tippett fired, and welcomed’s Frank Seravalli to give an insider perspective on what the hell is going on around here.
To kick things off, I jumped in with a look at my new show and what I expect to do with it every week. As I mentioned yesterday, this show will be all about the Oilers and your thoughts about what’s going on with the team. From there, I welcomed Frank Seravalli to the show to get his take on what’s going on here in Edmonton and whether or not he thinks we’re getting any closer to a coaching change. I also asked Frank about what he thinks are the next steps for the Oilers as they look to make changes even if they the earth-shattering variety. From there, I checked in with your voicemails and what you think is going on with the Oilers in what was a very fun finish to my first ever solo podcast. Seeing as this was the first episode of my brand new podcast, I’d love nothing more than to have your feedback about how it went. I want to know what you thought of the segments, the sound, the ideas I had, and any other feedback you choose to offer.
Listen to the latest episode below:
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