This afternoon, the Edmonton Oilers announced via their social media channels that the team will begin their 2022-23 campaign with an eight-game pre-season schedule that kicks off on September 25th against the Winnipeg Jets. What happens next? I’ve got the details.
After running all the way to the Western Conference Final, I know a lot of Oilers fans are chomping at the bit to get going again and that’s why today’s pre-season schedule announcement is so exciting. Even though I know full well that we’re going to be bored of these tune-up games the moment they start, the fact that we know that the season will be starting in the second week of October is an exciting development. So when will we be back at Rogers Place to cheer on the boys?
These are the dates we’ve got so far:
  • Sept. 25 – Edmonton vs Winnipeg (4:00 MT)
  • Sept. 26 – Edmonton @ Seattle (8:00 MT)
  • Sept. 28 – Edmonton @ Calgary (7:00 MT)
  • Sept. 30 – Edmonton vs Calgary (7:00 MT)
  • Oct. 1 – Edmonton @ Winnipeg (6:00 MT)
  • Oct. 3 – Edmonton vs Vancouver (7:00 MT)
  • Oct. 5 – Edmonton @ Vancouver (8:00 MT)
  • Oct. 7 – Edmonton vs Seattle (7:00 MT)
So there you have it. With these first dates out for next year’s schedule, we now know that we have 82 days to wait until the Oilers hit the ice again, and that makes me endlessly excited to get the show going again. Along with the schedule for these eight games, the Oilers also announced that you’ll have to wait a little bit to get your hands on some tickets as the purchase details for the pre-season won’t be available until August.