Anyone remember the show called “Eight is Enough?” Neither do we. Anyone remember the last time the Mighty Oil scored eight goals in a game who’s name didn’t rhyme with the “Moey Moss Cup?”
Neither do we.
But we saw it tonight, lambs, we saw it tonight. The Oilers scored more than Brad Pitt at a high-school dance. They scored more than Paris Hilton at an LA Lakers team party. You get the picture.
We thought we would get the lame ‘80s reference out of the way with our Eight is Enough picture before everyone in the media tells us “It’s the crazy eighties again in Edmonton, kids are scoring left and right and the Oilers are on fire.”
It ain’t the ‘80s. It’s the ‘00s, and OOOOOOOO is the hockey getting good.
Oh yeah, and let’s not forget that the great Wanye Gretz predicted this landslide win earlier today. We also predicted the Coyotes franchise will fold on March 19, 2008 and Gretzky will come out of retirement with the Oilers.
This remains to be seen.