Since it launched last fall, the Real Life Podcast has had a long and troubled history with the law and specifically the law in Edmonton where the show is recorded. First, there was the time Strudwick showed up at Little Brick to record during the Christmas Break when the cafe was closed to the public. Wanye had left the door unlocked the night before (shocker) and Struds set off the alarm and the stalwart EPS responded in record time.
Convinced Strudwick wasn’t a threat to anyone but himself they released him on his own recognizance. This checkered history continued today when Jason Gregor was stopped by the attentive authorities as he rushed to record the podcast. Despite the officer being well aware who Gregor was, law and order ruled the land and Gregor was issued a ticket before being sent on his way.
But will a brush with the law keep Gregor from speaking his mind? Hell no! And speak his mind he did, as did Jason Strudwick and Wanye this week on the Real Life Podcast. The fellas talked about the rise of Canadian recording star The Weeknd, the 2017 Oscars and Wanye sharing a conspiracy theory about the wild ending of the night.
Conspiracy theories led to other conspiracy theories as the imminent trade deadline was discussed and it was agreed that it should be an interesting time as many teams seek to plug holes and upgrade players before the playoffs begin in a few short weeks.
Give it a listen won’t ya?
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