Hello out there, I’m on the air, it’s Hockey Fights today. This is a weekly feature where we will take a look back at the best tilts of the week that was, a fond look back at the fights that were, and a strong finger wag at the worst fight of the week.
This is week 7 of HockeyFights.com‘s Friday Fights. This week brought us seven more fights to the total of 70 this season. This week featured a couple of 5 out of 10 ratings which on the scale created for rating. This week we look to the Ducks and Oilers are the source of the majority of our fisticuffs.
In this installment we see a fresh face to the big leagues and a monster of a player winning a fight.
Show me the tilts.

No. 3:

William Carrier vs Michael Liambas

Carrier is a big man. Liambas is here to do a job. His 83 fights over his AHL career show he’s from the better days when people had stood up for their team and pests were kept honest. He took on the bigger guy and absolutely fed him.

No. 2:

Micheal Haley vs Michael Liambas

Liambas made his NHL debut this week and shows up twice for his two fights this week. Pretty impressive. Haley is one of the few usual suspects in this feature. The two have a spirited bout that was close to a draw, but the nod goes to Liambas again.

No. 1:

Patrick Maroon vs Jamie Oleksiak

Close your eyes and you might think you’re heading back to the 90’s and the Dallas/Edmonton rivalry late in that decade. These two teams were hot under the collar and a post-period scrum turned into Oleksiak teeing off on Maroon’s head. Complete with a door smash for Jamie at the end.

Classic Fight of the Week:

Shayne Corson vs Eric Cairns

They get tangled up at center ice and eventually decide to drop the gloves. They grab ahold of each other and go back and forth with rights. Cairns connects with two straight rights and Corson bends over to get away from further incoming shots. Cairns connects with two rights and an uppercut. Corson answers with a right of his own, but Cairns then lands three straight rights that knock Corson off-balance and to the ice. The linesmen are right there to grab them. Corson stands back up on his own but has his jersey up and over his head. He then kicks Cairns while Cairns is still on the ice in between the linesmen. Corson tries to get Cairns in a headlock, but the two are finally separated. Cairns skates back to the locker room waving to the crowd and meets up with Shawn Bates to bang fists before leaving the ice.

Finger Wag of the Week:

This is where we normally feature the one fight that probably deserved two minutes for occurring, rather than a major. Or a player that needs to be put on blast.

Nazim Kadri

This is a player with all the talent in the world. He plays behind likely the third best player in the world. He is a pest in hockey’s biggest market and therefore doesn’t get the negative press that someone like Kesler, Arvidsson, or Marchand. He can just do his minor pest work, great defensive work, and contribute to the offense. Instead he sometimes lets his emotions get the best of him.
He had a fit in the penalty box after he got caught retaliating. He smashed his stick and in turn he hit the penalty box attendant in the face. Just a really goofy play from Kadri here.
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So that’s the fights that were the fights. What say you citizens of the Nation? Did you like my picks? Did I miss a fight you thought was better or worse? Do you have a suggestion for the classic fight you want to see next week? Hit me up on twitter @TheNationDan or send it in the comments below.
Square up and protect your head.

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