Brownlee’s sick as a dog, I’m sick as a dog, and it seems like the Oil are sick as dogs — they’re certainly playing that way. Meanwhile, Wanye’s internet access has vanished and it took me way too long to update the scores and standings on the site. Things havent’t been kosher, my darling Nationeers.
Wouldn’t it be something else if the Oilers actually went wild against Minnesota? Yes. How likely is it? I don’t know. I’m still holding out hope that we’re all stuck in some sort of cruel nightmare, and when we wake up there’ll be a parade on Jasper Ave involving a certain cup with a certain name be hoisted by the players from a certain hockey team. You know, ours.
So here’s what I want to see tonight: I want to see our boys actually bodycheck the opposition. I want to see decent play resulting in many shots on net, which will logically result in several goals more than the Wild. I want to see a WIN. Is that too much to ask? I don’t think so. Willis has suggested that, at least on paper, the Oilers aren’t a god-awful team. So let’s actually win this one, yeah?
Pass the Neo-Citron.