Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the first episode of Inside the Nation leading up to Friday night’s NHL Draft. In this evening’s edition, Dusty Nielson sets up the NHL Draft with a preview of what could happen, a look at the Jesse Puljujarvi drama that came out tonight, and offers his take on a few different moves that the Oilers might look at this off-season.
To kick off, Dusty lays out a timeline for the weekend, including letting us know about a Ken Holland presser that’s coming up at 2 pm tomorrow afternoon where he will talk about his approach to the draft as well as answering the inevitable Jesse Puljujarvi questions that are sure to come up. Speaking of Jesse Puljujarvi, how could this video not include today’s quotes from his agent that state Puljujarvi was done in Edmonton and would rather play in Europe than stick with the Oilers. Also tonight, it was revealed that Jim Playfair has accepted an assistant coaching position in Edmonton with the announcement coming as early as tomorrow. Lastly, Dusty gets to a little Q&A with the topics ranging from potential off-season signings like Corey Perry and potential landing spots for his beloved Jesse.
Watch tonight’s episode of Inside the Nation below:


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