Refunds have been issued, tallies have been counted and we officially have a total for the Edmonton Oilers 50/50 draw that nearly broke the internet: $14.3-million.
The draw happened during the Oilers’ last game on Aug. 7 and saw overloaded serves crash. What came next were overcharges and a plethora of headaches for those who run the 50/50 and fans.
“This week has been spent auditing and finalizing the refund and confirmation lists, to ensure we can move forward with an accurate final list of participants in the draw,” the Oilers foundation said in a statement. “These steps, although time consuming, were vital to ensure the integrity of the raffle.
“We are pleased to report that after our due diligence on refunds the total raffle will be around $14.3 million, with the lucky winner taking home half as the prize.”
The foundation added that the draw will happen “early-to-mid next week,” so keep those tickets close.
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