If there’s one thing that this work stoppage has taught us, it’s that NHL players are just like you and me — bored of this sportsless life and just trying to do what they can to fill the time. Today, @Matt Benning posted a quick video to his Instagram page about what he’s up to and what life is like without hockey. Is there anything special here? No. Am I bored enough to write about it? Yes. Absolutely.
Can I be honest with you guys for a second? Never in a million years would I have expected to be spending part of a late March Sunday writing a quick hit about Matt Benning pushing snow around on the farm. I mean, the Oilers were right in the middle of a playoff push when the Coronavirus put life on hold and I’m having a hard time figuring out why I get so excited about seeing one of our players faces again. Looking at Benning’s video, he’s just doing his thing as we try to wait things out and there’s nothing even remotely special about this video other than it makes me feel a little bit more connected to the players, knowing that they’re just as bored as we since we’re all stuck in our houses.
That all said, I will also readily admit that I’m looking forward to a follow up video when Benning explains how he got that Bobcat unstuck from the snow. If it was me, I’d probably just leave it there until everything melted, but I also realize that laziness is probably not the answer here.