Here we are again! We were overwhelmed with the (mostly) positive response from the very first stop of our brand new Nation Donair Tour. To jog your memory, we went to Top Donair in Capilano and stuffed our faces, got chased by wasps, and spilled donair sauce all over ourselves. After a TON of great recommendations online, we decided to take the tour to Eddie’s Donair in North Edmonton. 
Let me tell you that Eddie’s did not disappoint. We had an endless amount of people hyping up the donair stop so I was a little worried it could be overhyped. I’m happy to announce that it wasn’t, and I’d definitely do it all over again. Donair enthusiast, The Squire, joined the tour this afternoon and gave some great insight gained from his vast 2AM donair eating experiences.
As you can see, this tour will be a learn-as-we-go process on how we can bring the City of Edmonton the best donair review in the world. Today we’ve established a new rating system, scoring the donairs out of 97. As you can see the in video, Cooom, The Squire, The Nation Dan, and myself thought very highly of the donair with the high ratings we gave it.
Big thanks to Casey, Kristopher, Mike, and everyone else who recommended Eddie’s as a tour stop. Feel free to leave your favourite Donair shop in the comments below. We will try hit up every location in the city and surrounding areas, as well as bring on some super fun guests!