Welcome, citizens, to a brand new episode of the Real Life Podcast. With the NHL pre-season kicking off last night, there was plenty to talk about as the @Edmonton Oilers opened up their warm-up rounds with a 2-0 shutout win against the Manitoba Moose Winnipeg Jets.
To start off today’s podcast, the boys jumped in with a look at the brand new podcast studio that has been a year in the making. After kicking off the project last summer, the boys were finally able to record in the studio for the first time and they spent a few minutes talking about how the project came together. While the studio is launched on version 1.0, it was hard not to be excited about having a space dedicated to audio and video recording which opens up plenty of new opportunities in the future. Back to hockey, the Edmonton Oilers kicked off their pre-season last night with a win against the Winnipeg Jets and the guys expressed their joy about having hockey back even if it is only the warm-up rounds. From there, they broke down the new weekend promotions that the Oilers launched at last night’s game, including the $5 beers on Thursday nights which kicked off a storm on Twitter last night. Lastly, the guys finished off the podcast as they always do with a recap of what’s been going down in the Big Brother house. With the season winding down and only four players left, there aren’t many episodes left but that doesn’t mean that some big decisions won’t have to be made.
Listen to today’s episode below:
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